Alternative Ways To Use Movable Container

Moveable containers are gaining popularity in the business and residential sectors. Nowadays, these containers are in demand for various reasons. We gather information from various companies and sites, including

We collated what we found so here are the alternative ways where you can use these containers aside from what they are intended for, moving purposes. At the end of this article, we discuss important steps to protect your assets.

Convert these containers into something useful.

If your company is renovating the office or is always on the go, you can ask a moving container company to convert the containers into an office. Their advantages include portability and versatility. You can move the office from one place to another. The companies that benefit from such conversion are usually those in the construction industry that need to stay on the field most of the time.

Renting an office near the construction is not practical as compared to when using a container as temporary office. Conversion of a container into an office may cost you a bit of money, but the investment is worth it.

Storage containers

Besides, you can depreciate the cost of conversion, if the value is material or the asset is classified as capital asset. If you are planning a container conversion, contact an online store such as us here at to get a free quotation.

For residential purposes, you can buy a container and convert it into a mini garden or greenhouse. Containers with transparent ceiling are available and the transparent ceiling enables the sunlight to reach your plants. Additionally, manufacturers use high quality materials in producing these containers, which means, these containers are weatherproof and may last for years before they finally rust or corrode.

What happens when these containers reach the end of their service life? You can ask the original company whether they can buy back the container in a depreciated value or not.

Portable Storage containers

You may even use these containers as an expansion room to your home as storage or any other purposes. We, at, provide customization services. If you compare the prices between constructing a new room and converting a movable container, the price difference is significant. Converting a container is a lot cheaper than traditional construction. You can use that savings to enhance the interior and make it more comfortable to your liking.

Use these containers as temporary storage.

Renovation is one of the reasons why people rent movable containers. Since you can lease these containers as long as you like, you can proceed with the renovation project without any delay. When your renovation project is complete, you can call the moving container company any time and request them to pick up the portable storage.

If you are simply reorganizing or de-cluttering your home, renting a container is more practical since you can rent containers as small as seven feet, which can store furniture from one fully furnished room.

For retail companies that are disposing excess inventories or offices that are in a transition stage, these containers are useful. You can either buy or rent these containers from us,, and store company assets to protect them while waiting for the time to move those assets into their new location or to sell the surplus inventories in a company clearance sale.

Protect your assets against damages.

You store your assets in a container to protect while you are waiting for the transition stage to happen or for the clearance sale to arrive. You would want them to be free of damages while these assets are inside the container. Here are a few simple ways to protect your assets from damages.

Movable Container

First, protect these assets physically by wrapping them in protective sheets such as paper pads and stretch wraps. Stack them accordingly, placing the heavy ones on the far side of the container and lighter items near the door.

Second, insure your assets especially if their value is worth a thousand or million dollars. There are insurance companies that provide coverage for valuable and expensive assets even if they are depreciating. All you need is to inquire from these insurance companies if they such coverage. Just evaluate whether insuring them is wiser or not.

Movable containers are versatile and you can use these containers as storage or an expansion to your home. Converting them into these purposes is now cheaper and the investment cost might be worth it.

Customizing Your Own Coins

Nowadays, more and more people are deviating from the conventional giveaway items for showing recognition to a person or group of people. In competitive sports, it is normal to hand out medals or trophies to the winners. In other events on the other hand, it is standard to give certificates or plaques to participants or recognized individuals. While it is true that these items serve its purpose of boosting the morale of the recipient, they also lack one fundamental thing in reward items: the uniqueness or individuality of the piece.

Normally, the most popular recognition or reward gifts are only given uniqueness by placing the name of the recipient in it. If you ask us, it is a deed not enough to show true appreciation to the recipient. So, as an alternative, we suggest the usage of custom coins or challenge coins.

What are Custom Coins?

coinsCustom coins are basically specially customized coins that are handed out for various reasons. They serve the same purpose as trophies, medals, etc. but have lots of advantages over the other reward items. Of all these advantages, perhaps the most vital is the attributing of distinctiveness to the piece by especially customizing the coin to suit the target recipient. The reason for this is the relatively greater options for customization compared to other recognition pieces. Now, to produce a special coinwe must explore some of the basic options in customizing one.

Coin Emblem Ideas

The most significant part of custom coinsis its design. It is the largest and most obvious part of the coin and it is in here where we can make a coin stand out from other coins.

Ideas for the coin design are essentially infinite. It can be the logo of a company, a simple quote, or even the face of a person. To give its individuality, one can create his own design and send it to us. Consequently, we can approve the idea and even give suggestions on how to make the coin better.

Coin Shapes

Coins are not limited to the circular shape anymore. In order to add to the uniqueness of the item, we have the option to have the coin in essentially any shape you want. In this, we obtain the final shape of the coin by trimming its edges from a circular shape. Because of this, proportional and realistic dimensions are achieved. To give an idea, the most popular coin shapes include dog tags, stars, and even bottle opener styles. Challengecoins4less offers these items at a highly discounted price and comes with free shipping service.

Metal Styles

Aside from the coin design and shape, the metal style is also one of the main factors that givecustom coins its character.

Choosing a metal style for a particular coin should not be taken lightly. When choosing, the design of the coin to be made should be considered. Some metal styles go along with particular designs beautifully while others do not. It is recommended to choose a metal style that complements the coin’s design.

The basic metal styles we offer are polished silver, polished brass, polished copper, polished gold metal, and black nickel. However as added options, you can also choose between different metal finishes like antique brass, antique silver, antique copper, antique gold, or even a duo-tone effect.

To give a more defining personality to the item, you can also opt to have the coin’s edges cut in unique ways. Some examples of different edge cuts are wave-cut, rope-cut, cross-cut, or oblique-cut.

Packaging Options

To top the other options off, custom coins can also be handed out in a variety of packaging. The packaging in these special coins serves dual purpose: it gives elegance once being handed over to the recipient, and as protection to the coin.

custom coin

The most popular packaging options are velvet bag and velvet presentation box. The texture and color of this packaging gives class and sophistication during awarding ceremonies. However, they only serve as protection and cannot be used for display. When the coin is also to be displayed for viewing or decoration, the recommended packaging options are the PVC pouch, coin capsule, or the coin pouch insert. Essentially, these have transparent covers that enable the coin to be seen while simultaneously being protected from outside elements.

Callaway Golf’s Big Bertha Alpha

Callaway Golf is one of the biggest names in the golf industry. It is actually the largest seller of golf clubs in the world. One of the foremost things that made this brand successful is their innovative products.

Among the company’s most popular products is the Big Bertha Driver. That’s what you’ll be learning about in this article. Actually, we’ll be looking the newer incarnation: the Big Bertha Alpha. It’s good to check what justifies the fame of this driver.

This article would be divided into two sections. The first one would be a quick pros and cons summary. If you need to make a quick decision, then you can just finish reading at that. If you want to go more in-depth, then you should continue reading with the full review.

Callaway Golf’s

Quick Evaluation

Pros: The Big Bertha Alpha holds the top position of adjustable drivers. You can adjust its vertical center of gravity to result in you desired spin regardless of launch angle. It gives a high level of control for the ball flight for the drive.

Cons: This driver is really expensive. Costing $499, it is easily pricier than the many drivers including every other driver from the same company.

Conclusion: The Big Bertha Alpha Driver lives up to its ancestor’s name delivering the same great performance and then some. The innovative features and adjustability makes it usable for almost any golfer. If you can afford its high price tag, this driver is really worth it.

In-depth Look

The Big Bertha Alpha is one of the results of Callaway Golf bringing back the old names for the modern scene. There’s something for golfers upon hearing the “Big Bertha” name, as it is the driver that ushered in the modern age of metal woods. But the Big Bertha Alpha is no mere nostalgia trip. It has received a good deal of innovation that allows it to carry such a name.

This club is the brand’s lowest-spinning driver. While the other driver that pays homage to the name, simply called Big Bertha, can cater to newer players, the Alpha is suited to more experienced players looking for a club that they can fine-tune for their desired launch conditions. The Alpha provides this by having an adjustable vertical center of gravity, lie, loft, and its directional bias.

golfThe original Big Bertha back in the day was only made of stainless steel. The Alpha and its brethren have more varied composition including steel, carbon fiber, tungsten, aluminum, and titanium. These materials are well distributed so that the club would be light or heavy where it needs to. The crown is light while adequate weight is put into the Gravity Core.

Gravity Core

Adjustable drivers face the issue of the spin rate adjusting with the loft. Callaway Golf found a way to circumvent this issue and put it into the Big Bertha Alpha. With the Gravity Core, a movable weight system, the vertical center of gravity can be adjusted independent of other aspects of the club.

Perimeter Adjustment

The perimeter weight of the Big Bertha Alpha is also adjustable. The adjust control is in the form of an 8-gram weight that slides on a 5-inch track running along the head’s perimeter. This can be used to fine-tune the CG bias and increase the MOI of the club. Thus, the club gives off more forgiveness.

The Alpha also receives the Advanced Optimist hostel, which is found on the X2 Hot and Opt force drivers. This allows independent adjustment of the loft and lie.

Actual Performance

The performance of the Big Bertha Alpha does not fall short from what Callaway Golf advertises. Even though the Alpha is said to be for better players, the available adjustments actually make it forgiving even for the new ones. It can be fine-tuned for a wide range of swings and results in good ball flight – nice speed and spin.

Tips to Advertise Using Silicone Wristbands

Advertising is one of the common purposes of silicone wristbands. It is an inexpensive marketing tool that most businesses and even non-profit organizations use to spread the word about products, services, or charitable causes. Not only is it inexpensive, it is also easy for receivers to wear – even as part of their fashion statement.

If you want to take advantage of the said wristbands to advertise your products, services, or charitable causes, you have to make sure that you rely on the right makers. With the right wristband makers, you can make use of the wristband as a fundraiser bracelet, promotional band, or charity band. You can use it as an awareness bracelet too to draw attention towards your cause, organization, or group.

Silicone wristbands

Since the wristband is a stellar advertising tool, you can use it to start an aggressive marketing campaign that aims to become popular with adults, teens, and even kids. Here are some of the important points that can be used when advertising using silicone wristbands:

•    Spiritual campaigns :

If the wristbands are to be used in spiritual campaigns, then you can use them to promote love, hope, and faith. A lot of spiritual evangelists see the advantage of using silicone bands. It is what helps them spread the Word of God. Simply printing popular Bible passages can help in promoting unity and peace.

•    Child and parent safety :

There are bands that can be used for promoting child and parent safety nowadays. A parent and a child can wear double wristbands. These are what help the parent and child identify each other when in a crowd. The bottom line is that the parents and children will never lose each other when they are wearing the said custom wristband.

•    Love bands :

While parents and children can use such bands as matching bracelets, couples should not overlook the chance of using matching wristbands to show that they are already taken. They can use the bands as a proof of love. One can print his or her partner’s name on the band. Others can opt to print their vows of love on it.

•    Charities and causes : 

By providing customized silicone bracelets, organizers can promote awareness to their cause. This will then ultimately raise the additional funds required for research related to what is being promoted. In addition, it also helps in spreading enough knowledge regarding certain ailments or illnesses.

•    Fundraisers :

Most fundraisers use these silicone bands as their advertising medium. They can use the band to show that someone has donated to their cause, encouraging others to do the same. It can also denote the different donation levels for the sponsors. The silicone bands may also be a way to show that a person is a cause survivor.

•    Inspirational bracelet

This particular silicone wristband is used by people who are looking to make a change to their lives. To illustrate, someone might want to recover from being an alcoholic. As you may know, alcoholics are people who need inspiration and motivation. Words pertaining to the very things that inspire and motivate them can be printed onto the bands. These could be messages they need so that they can remind themselves not to stray from their goal. These a have huge impact on their lives.

•    Events :

The Silicone wristbands can effectively promote events. In fact, they can be a means to allow entry to people who are given access. Serving as a substitute to tickets, these wristbands can be used by guests to get into any theater event, film premiere, or concert. The wristband can even be used to gain access to the backstage and meet some stars.

•    Logos : 

The wristbands are being used by companies nowadays to popularize their brand or to establish their reputation. Wristbands with brand or company logos can then be distributed to the target market. The easy distribution of the said wristbands make it a perfect tool to help promote the company or its specific service. It is a perfect tool to utilize for the company’s marketing campaign.

•    Sales advertising :

There are companies that use this as a unique advertising tool, especially whenever they need to increase the sales of discounted products. The said advertising tool is technically received better compared than the traditional paper coupons, so they are less overlooked by the consumers.

It is only natural to take advantage of the wristbands as these are effective and proven marketing and advertising tools. These are the tools that can reach out to a lot of people faster than your average traditional marketing materials could. The more people this innovative advertising tool reaches out to, the better the result will be. In business context, that means more profit. If such accessories are used in charitable causes, that translates to more donors or volunteers. With silicone wristbands, a plethora of benefits surely awaits.

EPO, GW1516 And Cyclists

One of the problems of cyclists is the inability to endure the long stretch of distance they have to cover in order to finish a race. Various studies have been made on how the bike’s seat, rider’s position, shoes, uniforms or the pedal system could help increase the endurance of the cyclist in any way. Still, they were always not enough. Nothing has been found to increase the endurance of the cyclists to the point where the impossible feats in cycling could be deemed possible.

This is why some cyclists resorted to illegal means. For instance in the past, athletes have been found guilty of using investigational drugs such as EPO or Erythropoietin. EPO is responsible for red blood cell (RBC) production, which could help boost their athletic performances. The kidneys could actually produce this hormone naturally however, to hasten production of RBC, one could also introduce an artificially made EPO by injection. This was widely used by athletes to improve their overall physical performance.

epoEPO was therapeutically used to help people with RBC disorders. However, it was discovered that by increasing the person’s RBC, which is the one responsible for supplying oxygen to all the tissues and organs in the body, the person would not tire easily and would have increased strength. Cyclists therefore, resorted to this to increase their endurance during competitions. It was banned for use by the authorities, as there were dangerous side effects of EPO to the body. Sanctions were given to those who did not comply.

Is GW1516, the latest investigational substance gaining popularity among cyclists, the new EPO? GlaxoSmithKline GSK initiated a study on GW1516 as the “new exercise in a pill”. It was claimed that this substance, belonging to the family of drugs that responds positively to Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors-delta or PPARDs, could simulate the effects of exercise. One could just imagine the impact of this substance on the pharmaceutical market where everybody is always looking for the easy way out of obesity. It was bound to be the newest miracle drug for those people who are interested to have fitter bodies but do not like to exercise.

However, as the study continued, the substance was also discovered to have positive effect on the fibers of the muscles, causing the muscles to contract more. What is the implication of this? It simply means that as one moves (like in cycling), there would be a heightened ability to persist before one reaches its limit. This means added distance for cyclists to cover plus adequate strength to finish the race. This is tantamount to saying there is a greater possibility of winning the race compared to those who are not taking this substance. It was not a surprise that cyclists were attracted to this substance.

Unfortunately, during the course of the study, it yielded a negative outcome. The lab mice developed numerous tumors, which were attributed to the large doses of GW1516 administered to them. GSK immediately stopped and totally abandoned the study.

As there were no reliable conclusions made, one cannot directly judge that GW1516 would also cause similar effects to man. It was never stated that this substance could cause cancer or other terminal diseases to man. Maybe it is this rationalization that pushed several cyclists to use this substance though it was included in the list of prohibited drugs by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

One could legally acquire the drug, though not for human consumption but for biochemical research and studies only. Nevertheless, there were many records of cyclists administering this substance during competitions. Therefore, more aggressive measures were being taken by WADA to ensure that this practice would be stopped.

Unlike EPO, GW1516 has no approved medical claim and was never given the go signal to be administered to or used by humans. Still, many are taking the risk. However, only time will tell what the future holds for users of this substance.